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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Apply This Principle To Experience More Happiness In Your Life

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How To Get The Most From This LifeMap

Why Was This Map Created?

You want more good things in life - happiness, satisfaction, love - but sometimes, these positive emotions/experiences seem elude you!

This map was designed to drive home the principle that, your ability to experience these positive feelings is often within your control, simply by what you choose to 'feed' in your life - or what you give your time, energy, thoughts, and feelings to on a regular basis.

If you want more good stuff in life - feed good thoughts and feelings, so that they grow and have a greater influence on you!

How To Use The Various Elements Of The Map

  • What It Means - This section explains what this principle means, along with some examples.
  • The Process Of Feeding/Starving - This section of the map explains how to put the principle into action in your own life, and it gives you a number or real-life scenarios to consider, to make sure you're feeding the right things in life in order to get the results you want! 

Next Actions

Next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use:
  • Review the elements the map
  • Think about the thoughts and feelings that you feed on a regular basis, and how it's affecting your results?
  • Print the map
  • Keep it somewhere visible
  • Review it several days to get familiar with the ideas and strategies it contains
  • Reference it from time to time

MAP CONTENT - What You Feed Grows, What You Starve Dies

Feed what’s good - starve what’s bad


  • You experience more of what you feed, less of what you starve - To experience (grow) more awesomeness in life, you have to feed the things that promote it and starve the things that don’t - you are in control of what you give your time, energy, thoughts, and feeling to!
  • You can feed the good - Happiness, gratitude, love, contentment, satisfaction, creativity, trust
  • You can feed the bad - Anger, wrong desires, discontent, jealousy, hatred, distrust


  • How you feed things - By thinking, looking, dwelling, feeling, justifying, talking, or reading about them - by doing anything that triggers strong emotions and thoughts about them regularly
  • How you starve things - Not spending any time with them, avoiding them, not giving them any power by feeling and thinking about them
  • When you feed something - it starves its opposite:Feed positive emotions and you starve negative ones...and vice-versaFeed action and you starve fear...and vice-versaFeed happiness and you starve sorrow...and vice-versaFeed generosity and you starve lack...and vice-versa
  • Are you choosing to feed the bad?If you read a story containing sorrow, misery, pain or anger - what are you feeding?If you give into bad impulses and desires - even a little - what are you feeding?If you watch things that promote sorrow, misery, pain or anger - what are you feeding?If you complain, talk bad about your life or others - what are you feeding?


  • Feed the good - Identify things worth feeding - love, contentment, happiness - then feed them by talking, reading, thinking, watching, and doing things that help you feel them regularly
  • Starve the bad - Identify things worth starving - anger, discontentment, bad impulses - then starve them by avoiding ANY thoughts, feelings, conversations, pictures, articles, and even people that fuel thinking about or feeling those things

Share Your Feedback Below

  • How will you use this principle in your life?
  • What are some ways you feed the good and starve the bad?