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Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Page Will Motivate You To Take Action!

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How To Get The Most From This LifeMap

Why Was This Map Created?

The amount of motivation you have to do anything is directly tied to the strength of your REASONS WHY you should do it. If your reasons are clear and emotionally compelling to you, you'll be motivated to take action.

This map helps you define and capture all your reasons for accomplishing a goal on a single page, which you can review anytime you need a boost to take action.

How To Use The Various Elements Of The Map

  • I'm motivated to... box - Use this box to write in the goal you want to accomplish - be specific.
  • The "" box - This box, with quotation marks on each side, is for writing in a quote that you find inspirational - something that you can read that will add fuel to your desire to act.
  • The picture box  - Place relevant, emotionally compelling pictures inside this box. This is one of the most important sections of the page, so put a little more effort into getting it right!
  • I want to achieve this because... - Use this section of the page to list specific, emotionally-charged reasons why you want to accomplish your goal.
  • I will get excited... - Define some simple triggers that activate in you excitement about your goal anytime you experience them.

Next Actions

Next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use:
  • Print the map
  • Complete the map by filling it with the appropriate content
  • Keep it somewhere visible - on your desk, on the wall, etc.
  • Review it several times a day, or anytime you need a boost to accomplish your goal.

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