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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Use Words To Generate Motivation

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How To Get The Most From This LifeMap

Why Was This Map Created?

Sometimes, the most simple changes we make can have a huge impact on our results. Changing how we use words has been proven time and again to be one of those simple changes that make a difference.

This is a simple strategy that can be put into use right away to help generate more clarity and motivation to help you get things done!

How To Use The Various Elements Of The Map

  • Why - This section explains the reasons why using action words helps to generate motivation.
  • How - These are a collection of simple strategies for putting action words to use in your life and business.

Next Actions

Next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use:
  • Review the strategies on the map
  • Examine the tasks you need to complete (perhaps written down on a list) and edit them to include action words where needed
  • Pay attention to the words you say, especially to people you delegate or give direction to, and make sure you include action words in your instructions to them
  • Print the map
  • Keep it somewhere visible
  • Review it several days to get familiar with the strategies it contains

MAP CONTENT - Use Action Words

Verbs are powerful motivators 

Something done or performed; act; deed
Power, force, energy, activity, life 



They have power!

Verbs (action words) help convey a sense of action. Thus, when used strategically, they allow you to turn everyday tasks into powerful mental commands that compel your brain to take action on those tasks. 


They clarify what you need to do next

Our brains function best when they are given clear, specific direction. Action words help define exactly what needs to be done in order to complete a task.


Add verbs (action words) to the beginning of task-related phrases 


  • Book project 
  • Disney World trip 
  • Email inbox 


  • Organize book project 
  • Plan Disney World trip 
  • Purge email inbox 
Examples Of Action Words... 
  • Create 
  • Plan 
  • Organize 
  • Review 
  • Maximize 
  • Complete 
  • Learn 
  • Purge 
  • Transform 
  • Complete 
  • Update 
  • Gather 
  • Prepare 
  • Finalize 
  • Make 
  • Process 
  • Read 
  • Decide 
  • Work 
  • Run 
  • Attend 

When To Use Action Words: 

  • When planning your day 
  • When creating a list of to-dos 
  • When delegating a task 
  • When defining steps within a goal or project 
  • When defining/clarifying anything that requires you to take action! 

  • “Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is.” - Publilius Syrus 
  • “Life is a verb.” - Charlotte Perkins Gilman 
  • “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” - Pearl Strachan Hurd

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